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Projective and Receptive Energies In Crystals and Gemstones

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

One particularly helpful tip for becoming more adept at tuning in to your crystals is to know whether their particular energies are projective or receptive.

Like the concept of yin and yang in Chinese philosophy, these two seemingly opposite types of energy are fundamental to the makeup of the Universe, and each serves equally important purposes in healing and spellwork.

Just as we do magical work with the energies of night and day, sun and moon, God and Goddess, and other forces of polar opposites, the particular type of energy a stone brings is significant to the spell being worked.

Learning to feel these energies physically helps you strengthen your relationships with your crystals, and gain a more instinctive sense of which stones best serve any given purpose.

Projective Stones

Projective energies can be likened to the yang energy of the Chinese system.

These are masculine energies, often characterized as being or feeling strong, bright, physical, active, electric, and hot. The colors of projective stones tend to be associated with strong sunlight – red, yellow, orange and gold. They often emit a “charged” feeling, which can range from subtle to quite “buzzy,” depending on the type of stone and the level of receptivity of the person holding it.

Projective stones are ideal for magic involving healing and protection from negative energy. They are associated with the masculine Elements of Fire and Air, making them also good choices for working for vitality, courage, and intellectual power. Projective stones affect the conscious mind, and are great to carry with you when you’re feeling a need for strength, determination, will power, or self-confidence. Some popular projective stones include amber, bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, garnet, red jasper, onyx, and tiger’s eye.

Receptive Stones

Receptive energies can be said to correspond with the yin energy of the Chinese system, and are described as feminine energies, which may be experienced as calm, inward, spiritual, passive, magnetic, and cold.

Colors of receptive stones are cooler colors, such as green, blue, purple, silver, and grey. (Pink stones, although they are toward the beginning of the color spectrum, are also generally receptive, as the color is more calming than energizing when compared to red or orange.)

Holding a receptive stone in your hand is almost guaranteed to make you feel calmer, as if the stone is absorbing anxiety from your body. As with projective stones, this effect will vary from stone to stone and person to person.

Associated with the feminine Elements of Earth and Water, receptive stones are great for meditation and emotional and physical grounding, as well as promoting psychic abilities.

They are good for working on the subconscious mind, and may be used in spellwork for love, compassion, peace, and spiritual development. Some receptive stones include jade, lapis lazuli, malachite, moonstone, opal, rose quartz, and turquoise.

I've been studying crystals almost a decade now, this is what I've gathered so far. Using Stones to Heal or Enhance

List of Uses for Stones

Stones are nature's healers. For centuries, people have been drawing from the energies of stones to help achieve their goals or heal themselves.  It's all a matter of wearing the stones you need for specific  reasons and focusing your energy into the stones or drawing the energy out of the stones into your body. If you can visualize what you want while wearing the stones, that helps also.

There are two different types of stone energy: Projective and Receptive. The theory is that a human should try to balance these energies so he or she resonates in tune with the universe as a whole. Thus, if you notice an imbalance, you should carry stones or crystals that will help to bring you back into balance.

Projective stones tend to be masculine, strong,  and forceful. The projective stones are those which are bright, outward, aggressive and electrical. They possess energy to deflect evil, overcome inertia and create movement. Projective stones are used in healing, protection, intellectual powers, luck, success, will power, courage and self-confidence.

Examples of Projective stones: Black, brown and red agate, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Cat's eye, Citrine, Diamond, Garnet, Red Jasper, Lava, Obsidian, Onyx, Tiger-eye,

Red Tourmaline.

Receptive stones are feminine, soothing, calming and promote meditation, spirituality and mysticism. Receptive stones are used for love, wisdom, compassion, eloquence, sleep, dreams, fertility, friendship, growth, and prosperity. They possess grounding energy to create peace. Some people say they facilitate psychic awareness.

Examples of Receptive stones: Blue lace and green agate, Amethyst, Coral, Quartz Crystal, Emerald, Jade, Brown and Green Jasper, Jet, Lapis Lazuli,  Malachite, Moonstone, Mother-of-pearl, Pearl,  Rose Quartz, pink tourmaline, and Turquoise.

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