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9-5 Are You Being Conditioned?

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

From a very young age we begin to be conditioned for our typical adult life which concludes of working a 9-5 having weekends off and getting roughly one month of holiday in total through out the year.

We first go through the schooling system where we spend 6 hours 5 days a week at school. This includes plenty of holidays which as children we look forward to throughout the year. We are taught we need a good education so we can have a good job to live a good life.

No one teaches us survival skills though, or how to have a positive mental attitude. Who teaches us how to be our own boss? How to pay taxes? How to manage money? How to get a mortgage? How to be happy? What the purpose of life is? You certainly don’t learn this at school these are things you have to learn through the knowledge gained on your journey of life.

Then we go into higher educational we still get holidays and weekends but our free time usually begins to get taken up by a part time job. So we slowly begin to loose time for ourselves, this is now preparing us mentally and physically for full time work.

It’s time for the big moment, “full time work” we have gone through our whole youth being conditioned and getting ready for this moment. 9-5, weekends off, about a month holiday throughout the year! We do this until we retire and then we are free, well some of us some have to keep working in order to survive.

Through being ill I was able to break out of the cycle of being conditioned and I wouldn’t physically or mentality be able to handle that lifestyle. When you get a taste of being able to work on your own terms within reason it feels amazing.

The real life goal is being in a place where you no longer have to watch time because your free to work on your own terms. You don’t have to look forward to weekends because your flexible all week, you can go on holiday when you want. Why work all your life to reach this place, when you can learn the knowledge to do it now.

Live out your purpose and dreams every day don’t wait until you retire. Anyone can do it if they really want to, all you have to do is be consistent, persistent and positive and direct that energy towards what ever it is you want to do.

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