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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

When ever your not feeling 100% don’t let that feeling last any longer than it needs to. Remember when we are negative we keep on attracting negative situations so the quicker you get back into a good place the quicker you can attract positive situations. I am going to share with you some very simple mood changing techniques to help you get back your positive mindset.

Dancing and singing to your favourite music

  • Laughing – this always releases feel good hormones

  • Exercise – whether it be yoga, hitting the gym or just going for a walk

  • Meditation – close your eyes and quiet your mind

  • Visualisation – close your eyes and imagine how your perfect day would be spent

  • Gratitude- List all the things you are grateful for e.g Thank you for my amazing health

  • Affirmations – affirm positive things out loud e.g I am happy

  • Read something positive and uplifting

  • Do a good deed for someone else

  • Deep breathing

Putting The Tips Into Practice

Feeling Ill- When we feel ill instead of declaring it to the world we should try visualise our self in a healthy state as well as meditation which has many known healing properties. Also you can use positive affirmations “I have perfect health”.

Road Rage- We never know what kind or day or bad news the other person has had, granted they shouldn’t take it out on us but if we get angry we are just going to be vibrating negative energy. Try some deep breathing and be grateful that you are able to control your emotions and have a good day.

Feel like nothing good is in your life?- Sometimes we get days where we feel like everything is on top of us but we shouldn’t let this feeling keep us down. Do a gratitude list e.g thank you for my house, for my family, for my friends, for my job, for my health, for fresh water and food, trust me the list could go on for ages. Read a motivational book or watch a motivational video and then do some visualisations of how you would like your life to be.

Had a bad day?- Well the world is your oyster as you can try any of the tips above, or even get your self into a routine where you do these things every day whether your in a bad or good mood. You could also try getting a hobby that puts you in a feel good place when ever you do it.

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