Updated: Jul 16, 2019

“I don’t want to be judged, so I shall not judge” – PHTC

It can be so hard to not judge but sometimes it’s good to just think before you speak. We should understand that everyone has different upbringings, environments and beliefs and we need to respect that. Who are we to judge how people act, think and carry themselves?

You have not walked in their shoes and viewed the world through their eyes so you shouldn’t judge them. Plus we shouldn’t do to others what we wouldn’t like done to us. We all know that it doesn’t feel nice when people make negative comments towards us, so it would be wrong of us to make someone else have those feelings.

Now I am aware that the world is not yet the perfect place where no one judges, so if you are someone who feels like they are regularly judged this is for you. People sometimes say negative things about you through jealousy or because they are unhappy with something in their life.

We need to remember that what is said to us is just their opinion and opinions are just information. It is entirely your choice whether or not you want to absorb this information. If it is not going to benefit you in anyway then just disregard it, don’t let it take up valuable space in your head.

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