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If You Find The Cause You Find The Cure

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

So much money is spent on drug testing and finding new cures when what we really need to focus on is finding the cause. The problem with a lot of medicine is it attacks the good and bad cells instead of just targeting the bad cells. Instead of focusing on drug trials we need to look more deeply at where the problem comes from.

If we continue using so many foreign substances to heal our body I think it will cause a problem in the long run. We don’t want our bodies to become dependent on substances which are potentially poisoning our systems. The list of side effects of these pills and potions are made up to minor things like nausea all the way to major ones, which can lead to death.

This is the difference between traditional and western medicine because the main focus of traditional/alternative medicine is they aim to find the cause first and cure it. When you do things this way around you help stop it recurring, and you can even advise people on how to properly prevent problems. In a ideal world it would be great if traditional medicine and western medicine could work together.

If we spent as much money on finding the cause first we would actually save a lot of money in the long run. Most of the drugs are based off of a component of a plant, but they are taking parts and synthesising it and our body can't read it as it's not natural.

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi billion dollar industry that’s why I think they don’t want to give western medicine more of a chance. Instead of saving lives they would rather make money.

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