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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Being thankful and showing appreciation “Gratitude is the right attitude, and in the long run it makes things feel more fun” – PHTC

Gratitude is so important and should become a daily practice for everyone in all walks of life. No matter what your current situation is you should always find time to be thankful. when we ask for more things or we dislike our current situation it can leave us with an unhappy feeling. So many times I hear of people only turning to God/Universe when they want something but forgetting to be thankful for the things which they already have. Even for me just saying the word thank you and thinking of the abundance of good things in my life makes me feel better.

There is so many things we take for granted in life that other people don’t have the luxury of having clean water, shelter, health, family and technology to name a few. Yet we only remember there importance when we don’t have them and we are grateful when we get them back but the novelty soon wears off.

“The Magic” By Rhonda Byrne Author Of “The Secret”

The Magic is a 28 day practice of gratitude and it really helps you start appreciating the things which you have in your life. It has really helped me be able to implement gratitude as a daily ritual and as a result I find myself being in a more happy and positive mindset. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to bring more happiness into their lives.

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