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Planting The Seeds

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

I find in life that when you want to do something great or of meaning you need to first “Plant The Seeds”. So many times we look at people who achieve amazing things in their lives and we want the same sort of greatness for ourselves.

What we don’t get to see is how much hard work and time they put in to reach that level of greatness. In order for a tall sky scraper to stand you first have to dig underground and lay a solid foundation otherwise the building will be unstable.

If you just reach the top without laying a foundation you have a much higher chance of just falling back down. It isn’t about how quickly you achieve things it is about the quality at the end.

So that’s why you spend time planting your seeds because the more seeds you plant the stronger your growth will be and the more chance you have of reaching your goals. Don’t forget that once you get growth you need to continue nurturing just like a plant otherwise you won’t be able to maintain that growth.

Your journey is so important so remember to enjoy it, plant the seeds and you will reap the fruition . Don’t give up because the greatest things can sometimes take the longest time.

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