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Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Reflexology is a massage system based upon the theory that the points located in your feet, hands and head are linked to different parts of your body through their nerve endings. It is said that it can help relieve stress in the body and mind, which in return helps the body to self heal.

Benefits of Reflexology Include

Stimulate nerve function and the nervous system

The more we age the less sensitive certain nerve endings become. Regular reflexology massages can stimulate the nervous system and keep your pathways awake.

Increase energy

The alignment of your organs and muscle systems can really help the body as a whole, leaving you with more energy than usual.

Improved circulation

Massage is well known for helping to improve your circulation system enabling blood and oxygen to travel through your body at a faster pace.


Massage opens up neural pathways and this helps to balance the body, which in return relieves stress points thus leaving the body in a more relaxed state.

Reflexology is also known to be great for helping to relieve sleep disorders, depression and pain.

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