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The ‘ability’ in Disability (5 weeks)

Seeing the ‘ability’ in Disability

  • 1 h
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  • Online

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You may have to just strip away any preconceived or negative belief systems. You may find it challenging and have days where you wish to throw the towel in and that is completely fine. Everyone has off days, the challenge is what really helps you to appreciate the journey and not take things for advantage. You being here right now is the first step and it is proof that you want to change, hold onto that feeling of hunger and let it sweep you over the finish line. It is time to take control rather than be controlled! Say it out loud “I’m leaving the Dis and taking back my Ability.” How did that feel?.........Good right? This programme is meant for anyone who is: •Looking to transform and build their confidence and self-esteem •Who wants to feel better about who they are •Looking to improve their understanding of who they are •Who want to find the positives in their situation •Who want to move forward •Who has an open mind

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