Greetings, it is no coincidence you have landed on this page I am so pleased that you are ready to level up.


Note from the author:

"When I got diagnosed with a rare stage 3 cancer at 17, then was left with long term side effects I knew that I had to change my mindset in order to push through. It was especially challenging when I was told I may never walk or talk again, very quickly I learnt how important it was to not take on these projections as they could have stunted me from moving forward.


I found going through the tasks I have included in this 10 page planner was a huge part of me getting back on track. I trust this can be as much value to you as it has been to me and I am humbled at the oppotunity I have been given to help others."


*Do not buy if you have purchased the unique ability planner*

This planner is for you if:

*You want to change your mindset

*You are prepared to do the work

*You are able to be honest with yourself

*You are ready to level up


Please note that some pages are editable whilst others may require being printed and stuck on your wall.

The Mindset Manager planner is under the umbrella of Charlotte Crowl (W)holistic health services, which focuses on lifestyle changes for the purpose of self-development of the mental, emotional and physical body to restore health and wellness to a better level.


If you wish to level up, you could opt in for the Mindset Management or the "Adversity and Confidence" program.


We also have 1-2-1 options available that include working with Charlotte Crowl personally over a set period of time and you receive bio metric scans that are either health or mindset perception focused CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.



There are strictly NO refunds or returns on any digital content that has been purchased.


The only way to see results is to complete the planner and remain consistent with your actions. This isn’t just a one day task it is about implementing new changes into your lifestyle.


Therefore I would only advise you to buy if you are serious about putting the work in, in order to achieve the desired outcome.


Expecting success with out putting the work in is like trying to harvest where you haven’t yet planted. 

Mindset Manager Planner


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