Health Scans

This service is a favourite among many of my clients, as it is can often be very eye-opening on either an emotional or physical level. The ZYTO health scan technology gives you the opportunity to see patterns and stressors that may need to be addressed. 

Charlotte Crowl’s Academy

Over the years I have been thrown into many situations that have taken me years to get out of. So I decided to create online programs in order to help others get through the same experiences I went through. It is about helping you self develop the tools you need in order to improve holistic wellness.


This service is great for both corporate or community settings and can be tailored to fit the audiences needs. If you are looking to uplift, inspire or motivate a group of people you are in the right place. I have previously delivered presentations and workshops in prisons, health events, schools, law firms, mini festivals, community gatherings, borough meetings, charity events and more.


This service is great for people who want to focus on a particular area of their life. I guide you through self assessment in order to pick up any habits that may no longer be serving you, and create more positive habits for you to excel. The great thing is all the different topics are based on the same method so after doing one section you can then apply that knowledge to any area of your life.

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