This was an amazing event located at middlesex university, which featured spoken word, artists and a powerful well explained presentation by Leon Marshall. I share my journey of cancer a lot but this time was difference as the focus was more on my psychosis experience. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who were touched and could relate to the this I explained.


A lovely intimate self care event put on by the amazing Treasure Tress team I was invited to come and share my story and give some mini health scans.


More women are being diagnosed with breast cancer than ever before and the disease is still devastating lives on a heart-breaking scale. Being breast aware is hugely important to women of all ages. The aim of this charity event, brought to you by Knots UK and Smashbox, is to bring us together to have a brave much needed discussion on signs and symptoms and understanding the best way we can prevent it. Come unite in sisterhood, learn about prevention, recovery and survival.

Our beautiful host: Jocelyn 📸@yaasankofa 
Our amazing panel: 
LEANNE PERO 📸@leanneperoofficial 
CHARLOTTE CROWL 📸@charlottecrowl 
JANE HUTCHISON 📸@janehutchison8 📸@hbcanceruk 
SHANLEY LEWIS 📸@shanley_lou

Wrap up for cancer
Wrap up for cancer 1
Wrap up for cancer 3
Wrap up for cancer 2
Wrap up for cancer banner
Wrap up for cancer ig


A weekend full of everything health, with talks from my self other holistic practitioners and holistic professionals, sharing knowledge and true stories to raise awareness and wake people up when it comes to taking care of the body.


Me and 4 other practitioners also spent both days doing back to back mini health MOT body scans. It was intense but very rewarding getting the chance to speak with so many people over the weekend.

The healing rooms weekender
The healing rooms weekender


Trekstock and Saima (@curryandcancer) partnered up and put on a lovely event at Masala Wala Cafe in South East London. The night featured a panel of young females whose lives have been affected by cancer. They all shared their personal journeys and how it can be difficult when having to deal with cultural differences surrounding cancer.


It was a lovely night and I got to meet so many amazing women.

Lifting the lid on cancer and the ba
Lifting the lid on cancer and the ba
Lifting the lid on cancer and the ba


BWR- The Untold Cancer Stories, is the UK’s first all-black female cancer portrait exhibition, aimed at getting more black female cancer patients connecting and talking about their cancer experiences- to aid their recovery process, spread some much-needed cancer awareness amongst their communities and educate some of the UKs leading cancer care organisations about their needs.

What an absolutely amazing 2 days filled with emotions, it was truly humbling hearing everyones stories.

A huge thank you again to the founder @leanneperoofficial for this much needed project❤️❤️❤️ 📸 @noamika_ 

Black women rising
Black women rising
Black women rising
Black women rising


Wayewa who is in connection with Black People Giving put on a event that included speakers with tips for entrepeneurs, entertainment, food and an awards show. I was actually up for the "influencer of the year" award.

Black business banquet
Black business banquet


Great event call the "Queens Conference", which was based is harrow. I was able to share a platform amongst so many amazing ladies who are doing great work within the community.

Queens conference
Queens conference


My first time performing my poems in front of an audience.

Premier Poetry
Premier Poetry


I got the opportunity to go and speak in prison at the end of the aspire hire programme. It was quite the experience and so fulfilling.

Speaking at prison
Speaking at prison


The second year of speaking at this amazing event based around a health product Shalshani created after losing her brother to cancer.

Charlotte & Shalshani.JPG
uncle stevie & me.JPG


Brother Dougie once again put on another amazing health event. 3 Mondays in a row the health influencers of the community joined forces to share stories, tips and products

Brother dougie 3 week event.jpg
1. phtc logo.JPG


I had the pleasure of being invited to a women’s cancer survivor luncheon, it was absolutely amazing to sit and hear stories from other ladies who had been through their own personal cancer battle.
Event Description
“Kicking Cancers BUTT FREE luncheon! We are calling all female cancer patients and survivors to come together for an afternoon of inspiration, sharing, support and LOVE, at a beautiful central London restaurant.”

leanne pero.JPG
1. phtc logo.JPG


DIFALA Is Not Only A Health Product Range But It Is An Annual Event Put On By Shalshani After Her Brother Passed From Cancer. It Was Amazing Being Able To Tell My Story At Such An Event And Sell My Book, The Energy Was Amazing.

me and navigator.jpg
shalshani 1.jpg
shalshani 2.jpg


Brother Dougie Put On Another Amazing Community Event In Order To Raise More Awareness In The Community Surrounding Prostate Cancer And Mental Health. I Had The Honor Of Sharing The Stage With The Amazing People Above, Who All Have Very Powerful Stories.

brotha dougie health event 2.jpg
eman and me.JPG
me & bro dougie.JPG
lyndon and me.jpg
jj and me.JPG


 Got to share my story at this amazing event @Chabsuk at the Design Museum. They raise awareness of cancer in Africa and provide equipment and support out there.

chabs 0.jpg
chabs uk 1.jpg
chabs 2.jpg
chabs 3.jpg
chabs 4.jpg


This event that was put on by Women In Business Circle was amazing and I am proud to say I was the guest speaker. I shared my story and tips to how I was able to live a life of purpose. Everyone who attended was so amazing and I felt like there was a great connection.

A purpose driven life4.jpg
A purpose driven life5.jpg
A purpose driven life1.jpg
A purpose driven life2.jpg
A purpose driven life0.jpg


Another great event put on by Brother Dougie (radio host on SLR Radio). I had the pleasure of having a stall and connecting with some lovely people

brother dougie health event.jpg

brother dougie health event 1.jpg

IMG_9334-e1496140914974-225x300 3.jpg

brother dougie health event 4.jpg

brother dougie health event 2.jpg

brother dougie health event 5.jpg


Feed your mind & soul was a lovely event where there were panelists debating over questions and the audience also had the chance to get involved. I was invited to share my story.

I went back for a second visit to King's college hospital on the book and cake stall. It was lovely to meet so many individuals with such great courage on their journey's.

The last event was a Bonded Thru Cancer a monthly panellist event. Where all questions can be answered by a member of the health dream team, which I can proudly say I'm apart of.

3 events main.jpg

3 events.jpg

3 events 1.jpg

3 events 2.jpg

3 events 3.jpg


I had the pleasure of attending this event, which was put on by University College Hospital Cancer Fund. This charity does amazing work with patients and one of the many things it funds is helping cancer patients receive complementary therapy.

UCH Cancer Fund 1.jpg

UCH Cancer Fund 2.jpg

UCH Cancer Fund 3.jpg

UCH Cancer Fund 4.jpg

UCH Cancer Fund 5.jpg

UCH Cancer Fund 6.jpg


This event is held every third Sunday of the month in south London. It has an array of different stalls as well as plenty of helpful information from speakers.

Auntie Jean's African Culture Market 1.j

Auntie Jean's African Culture Market 2.j

Auntie Jean's African Culture Market 5.j

Auntie Jean's African Culture Market 4.j

Auntie Jean's African Culture Market 3.j


What a lovely event and I feel honoured that I was asked to be apart of it along side Shelley Collins and Zinaalfa. Thank you to the founders of Out The Box and Spielaco for having the idea to bring so many like minded women together for a night of inspiration.

phenominal women.png

phenominal women 2.jpg

phenominal women 3.jpg


I met Garfield Robinson (founder of "Promoting Our Heritage"), at the Divas of Colour event. He very kindly invited me down to Kings College hospital in South East London to come and sell my books. It was a great day and I had the chance to have many interesting conversations with some of the people in the hospital. I also met a lovely lady called Winsome who was selling cakes for the children's critical care unit.

me and garfield.jpg

me and kiwanis charity.jpg

me and kiwanis charity 1.jpg


A great event filled with awakened and conscious individuals. Plenty of entertainment and 50 stalls filled with natural products, books, clothes, food and much more. I had the opportunity to sell my book on the Promoting Heritage stall and network with some amazing people.

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village terr

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village.jpg

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village rica

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village eat

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village blac

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village 10.j

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village 9.jp

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village 8.jp

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village 7.jp

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village 6.jp

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village 5.jp

Moorish Bazaar Event Acklam Village 4.jp


Robyn Smart invited me down to her book launch for her latest book Who am I? I had the opportunity to get up and share my story, which was followed by a speech from Gregory (ACLT). I also got to sell my books on a stall and network with attendees.

who am I book launch.jpg

who am I book launch 9.jpg

who am I book launch 6.jpg

who am I book launch 3.jpg

who am I book launch 7.jpg

who am I book launch 8.jpg

who am I book launch 5.jpg

who am I book launch 2.jpg

who am I book launch 4.jpg


The Divas of Colour event was a 5 in 1 day, you could go and listen to the speakers at the health conference where I shared my story, you could network with other like-minded individuals or you could check out some of the amazing stalls that were selling a variety of things. Then later in the evening, there was a fashion show full of talent and a awards show!
I was able to meet some lovely people and I had the opportunity to sell my books.

divas of colour 3.jpg

divas of colour 6.jpg

divas of colour 1.gif

divas of colour 5.jpg

divas of colour 2.png

divas of colour 7.jpg

divas of colour 9.jpg

divas of colour 8.jpg

divas of colour 10.jpg

Got the chance to speak about my journey and business alongside a couple of the Black Women Rising Ladies. As well as a powerful presentation from the project founder Leanne Pero.



I was invited to speak at an amazing event put on by Cancel Cancer Africa. It was all in aid of a project where they are raising money to open a cancer walk in centre in Nigeria, and also raise more awareness about cancer in Nigeria.
The show featured models modelling some of the latest up and coming fashion designers clothes and foot wear. There was also a performance from a band and then a group of belly dancers. To finish the night was body painters showcasing their latest work based on the theme of the African Jungle.


1. phtc logo.JPG


The Back 2 Black team have been truly amazing and I know without them I wouldn't have been able to bring my book to life. Writing a book and trying to set up my CIC was no walk in the park but the support my mentor gave me really helped me to stay focused. When I was asked to speak at the B2B awards 2016 I was so nervous but I managed to pull it off and get a standing ovation. I really didn't think that night could get any better but it did! I was giving an award for inspirational young person and at that moment I knew everything I had been working on was my true purpose.

b2b 1.png

b2b 3.jpg

b2b 4.jpg

b2b 2.jpg


I met the promoter, Michael Simon only two days prior to this event. He was so touched by my story that he gave me the opportunity to come and speak. It was an amazing night filled with lots of talent and the audience was more than supportive.
A massive thank you to Michael, for letting me come and speak at his event.
I met the promoter, Michael Simon only two days prior to this event. He was so touched by my story that he gave me the opportunity to come and speak. It was an amazing night filled with lots of talent and the audience was more than supportive.
A massive thank you to Michael, for letting me come and speak at his event.

msp variety show.jpg

msp variety show 3.jpg

msp variety show 4.jpg

msp variety show 5.jpg

msp variety show 2.jpg

msp variety show 6.jpg

msp variety show 8.jpg

msp variety show 9.jpg

msp variety show 10.jpg


Studhambury annual festival supporting CLIC (cancer and leukaemia in children) Sargent. Even though it was raining all day it didn't stop people coming out to support in the village. I managed to pluck up the courage to go and speak about my journey on stage, which was a major hurdle for me. CLIC Sargent are one of the charities that benefit from you buying the book. They were absolutely amazing to me when I was going through treatment and informed me to so many things that I was entitled to. Me and my family are really grateful for their work and my personal support worker was so lovely and helpful.








Malcolm & Co Solicitors event was my first networking event that gave me the opportunity to share my story with others. I was able to make some good connections and have some deep conversations with some of the attendees.
I just want to say a massive thank you to Malcolm & Co solicitors and I truly appreciate all the kind comments I received that evening.

Malcolm & Co event2.jpg

Malcolm & Co event3.jpg

Malcolm & Co event1.jpg

Malcolm & Co event 5.jpg

Malcolm & Co event 4.jpg

Malcolm & Co event6.jpg

Malcolm & Co event7.jpg

Malcolm & Co event8.jpg

Malcolm & Co event9.jpg

Malcolm & Co event10.jpg


Helping To Support And Raise Awareness For The Need Of Organ, Stem Cell And Blood Donation Within Black And South Asian Communities.

Currently, 14% Of England’s Population Is Black Or South Asian Yet Only 3% From This Community Of People Are Active Blood Donors.

me and bev.jpg
me and orin.jpg
floella benjamin obe.jpg
MP Mike Gapes.jpg

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Lifting the lid on cancer and the ba

Lifting the lid on cancer and the bame community