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Find out whether your life is currently balanced between the areas that mean most to you

How good are you at balancing various aspects of your life? Since everything is not equally important in life, it is crucial to have the right balance for you at this point in time. Part of achieving the right balance involves knowing your values and priorities so you can allocate more time to those areas when time is limited.

People often look at work/life balance as having an equal balance between the two. They view it as a balanced scale. This conception of balance is not the best because it does not take into account an individual’s current goals and priorities which can change over time. This assessment provides a comprehensive look at finding a balance between work, family, friends, activities, exercise, and time alone. It takes into account the right balance for you at this point in time. The results will give you an indication of how well you have currently achieved the balance that is right for you right now. 


Please complete all items. Rate each item on a scale of 1-5. Please choose one number and do not write a decimal, such as 3.5. Select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors regarding your desirable balance. Choose how true each statement is for you.






Less True

More True

1. I often find that I am focusing a lot more of my time and energy on one aspect of my life than I would like.
2. Lately I have felt upset because so much of my time has been dedicated to my work that I have had little time for my family or friends.
3. Given my current priorities in life, I feel I am making a sacrifice right now
4. The fact that I have not been able to exercise or do recreational activities lately has been causing me distress.
5. I am not happy about the huge investment that my career or another aspect of my life has been lately.
6. I know all of the aspects that I would like to have included in my ideal life and some of them are definitely missing.
7. My close family members, significant other, or friends have recently told me that I am overwhelmed in certain areas and neglecting others. This really bothers me and I think it’s true.
8. I often have thoughts like, “I wish I was able to do more of…”
9. I have dreams at night that I sometimes do not want to wake up from because in them I am doing all the things I want to do.
10. My life is well balanced right now, however, I actually wish I was doing even more of one thing and less of another.
11. My mood had been down or negative lately because I am frustrated that I am not doing something that is important to me since I have to spend so much time doing something that is not so important to me
12. I commonly have thoughts like, “If only I could win the lottery or make it big, I would not be working so hard.”
13. I have always wanted to do several important things, but am not able to do any of them right now because there simply is not time in the day
14. I find that I get frustrated often because I am not able to spend time with my family/friends or have some time for myself.
15. In the past two weeks, someone has observed that I spend a huge amount of time doing a certain activity. That got me thinking that I don’t want to spend so much time on that activity.
16. On a typical day, I feel uninspired and I lack energy to do what I need to get done.
17. I often feel like I am missing out on the things that mean the most to me.
18. It is typical for me to think that I have made poor decisions about how to invest my time and energy.
19. I frequently think, “wouldn’t it be amazing if I could do more of the things that bring me the most satisfaction or joy?”
20. When I think about what I have done over the past month, I feel sad because I realize all of the things I have not done that I wanted to.
21. At least two people have told me lately that I have been complaining a lot about the lack of balance in my life.
22. I do not feel in control of my life or future.
23. I am not really sure what my priorities are right now, so I find myself trying to do too much.
24. Significant people in my life have complained that they do not spend enough time with me and this bothers me.
25. Since I am trying to do too much, I end up sacrificing areas that could impact on my health, such as sleep, proper nutrition, or exercise.
26. I know that some people can devote most of their lives to one area and feel happy doing that, but I have been doing that and it makes me feel miserable.
27. I sometimes find it hard to get the energy to get going since I do not want to do the things I need to do.
28. I have trouble saying no to things I do not want to take on and as a result I am doing a lot of things I have little interest in.
29. I feel that I am doing many things because I have to, not because I want to. This idea often upsets me.
30. At least a couple people have told me that I do not seem fulfilled and that I often talk about what I would rather be doing in other areas of my life.

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